The Flow of Eight Notes
flussoottavi.jpg The content of this work has nothing to do with the study of technique. To explain the whys of a technique or a certain posture goes beyond the objective of this work. One can find lots of good methods for drums, some of which are truly very, very good. I, instead, here would like to accentuate a fundamental moment: The performance phase, that which occurs after a long apprenticeship, after the unnerving study of technique of the instrument. The contributions found inside this work are truly varied, of various nature and foundation. My inability to confront and overcome the obstacles arise prevalently from materialistic aspects which, (like has happened to the majority of my colleagues who have adopted traditional methods) is for me, evidently an incentive to confront them starting from faroff.
Polyrhythm in Jazz Language
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The idea of sharing and passing on my experience with rhythm and polyrhythm was birthed from a matured awareness of more than 10 years of didactic and concert activity with insufficient mastery of rhythm and polyrhythms on the part of young people, but also some musicians who had already had good experience behind them. The causes, in my opinion, in the first place come from the insufficient attention on the part of teachers of the basic school and confronting the subject especially from the point of view of everyday practice. In the second place, the lack of courses, also in the private sector, who could deal with the subject in a sufficiently detailed manner.


La Batteria Strumento per... "Tamburi e Griot" Gli Stili ed il Drumming dei Batteristi Jazz”
Saggio sugli stili dei più grandi maestri della batteria: Papa Jo Jones, Philly Jo Jones, Art Blakey, Max Roach, Roy Haynes, Tony Williams, Jack De Jhonette. Lo stile di questi maestri attraverso la trascrizione di 200 assoli tratti direttamente dai dischi, 26 pubblicati nel presennte saggio.
 “Quaderno di Batteria per Bambini"
100 pagine. Trattasi di un Metodo per batteria rivolto a bambini fino a nove/dieci anni, che iniziano lo studio dello strumento. Distribuzione propria.
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