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One of the brightest memory I have of my childhood is that period which covers from my seven to eleven years of age, actually the "quinquennium" of elementary school, when I lived with my paternal grandparents: Beautiful memories. My grandfather had a marvellous gig (in dialect: SCIARABBALLU), which was dragged by a wonderful mare, and my grandpa handled her better than he treated his wife.
On Sunday morning, and sometimes when I didn’t want to go to the school, I used to go with my grandpa to the countryside. We took some routes which I’d never forget, both for the uncontaminated beauty of the places and for the scents and fragrances that were typical of the time of the year (for instance, during the olive-picking yuo could smell in the village the scent of the fresh olive-oil, and during the vintage time there was the must fragrance everywere).
Boastful Speeches
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In recent decades, many very important things have happened… beautiful, tragic, and terrible things and there will be more changes… everything changes. But with all these events, we know only a part of the story, only a small detail. TV, radio and the newspapers print only a portion of reality and only a part of the truth, which is often already interpreted. These details provided by the media have been the source of inspiration for this work. The truth is that I really didn't have much desire to start a new project. I reflected a lot about the need to make another CD… aren't there already enough CD's on the market? Was it useless? I thought perhaps I was going through a 'crisis'. The reasons for not recording were many and if I go on I will inevitably enter into 'discussion' of which I prefer not to.
In The Groove
inthegroove.jpg (The New Trio)

The need to have more space rhythmically and melodically led me to think of a musical work involving the Hammond Organ and Baritone saxophone. And with such formation adding the Drums – but also in the classic trio with piano. These are the instruments that above all the others, allow me to be free and to better construct my musical discourse. They also put me in an ideal condition for interplay and sharing intertwined sounds. The music played by “New Trio” is jazz is closest to the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s in which original tunes, instrumental standards and some sung are the ideal cocktail headed in the direction of a simple and balanced show in which rare moments of poetry and uncommon explosive energy are presented.
neoreality.jpg(Giuseppe P. Dimagli and Enzo Lanzo)

Melodic jazz and contemporary theatre. Neoreality is a show about an interior drama that is unwound in a maturing process on the stage – made also of played steps – from the pathology of the being to the pedagogy of becoming.

It is a monologue of two voices, in which Giovanni Stracco, musician and cinema extra, is capitulated onto the film set of Vittorio De Sica, who gives him a part. Here, even before the beginning of the scene, thanks to the help of a scenographer, Giovanni enters into his own neo-realistic interior, of which the cinema and the same example of De Sica remain only a paradigmatic metaphor.


La Batteria Strumento per... "Tamburi e Griot" Gli Stili ed il Drumming dei Batteristi Jazz”
Saggio sugli stili dei più grandi maestri della batteria: Papa Jo Jones, Philly Jo Jones, Art Blakey, Max Roach, Roy Haynes, Tony Williams, Jack De Jhonette. Lo stile di questi maestri attraverso la trascrizione di 200 assoli tratti direttamente dai dischi, 26 pubblicati nel presennte saggio.
 “Quaderno di Batteria per Bambini"
100 pagine. Trattasi di un Metodo per batteria rivolto a bambini fino a nove/dieci anni, che iniziano lo studio dello strumento. Distribuzione propria.
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